SNVFF's combination of industrial dance, trip hop and noise have branded them the lovechild of Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack.  

SNVFF began as a duo in 2012, combining the huge beats and dark sounds of The Tormentor with Alicia May's twisted mind and volatile vocals.  

Together, they released a self-titled debut EP in 2014 with Blind Mice Productions, a label formed by Peter Crane and Ben Bulig of Shiv-R.  The EP received rave reviews from online International press,
scoring 8.5/10 on Brutal Resonance.  

In 2016, SNVFF independently released a second EP 'INTRAVENUS' and toured Australia with Amelia Arsenic (previously DestroyX from Angelspit).  

'INTRAVENUS' placed #24 in Brutal Resonance's 'Top 25 albums of 2016,' and the title track featured in Intravenous Magazine's annual charity compilation 'Blood Pack Vol.4.'

In 2017 SNVFF embarked on the 'INTRAVENUS' tour, playing 6 dates across Australia. The tour saw them share the stage with Shiv-R and support International icon Aurelio Voltaire.